The Space Between

by Simon Waldram

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Steven X Davies
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Steven X Davies Simon is an Artist who I have followed for many years now. I have had the pleasure to see him perform and grow within his works. This Album is his best yet and I would recommend this to anyone who likes great honest songwriting and straight up performances. Some awesome tracks including the track Broken Hill which was a collaboration with Joan X Davies. Favorite track: Broken Hill.
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From Left Lion magazine, June 2014:

"Some terrific acoustic albums have come out of Nottingham in the last couple of years and the latest is Simon Waldram's The Space Between. Darker and more brooding than the likes of Marc Reeves and Gallery 45, this is a melancholic and involving album that mixes a range of styles. It's very accomplished and there is some terrific songwriting in evidence. More lo-fi indie pop than folk rock, highlights are the heartbreaking 'The Only Way Out Is Through' ("I have to keep remembering / to choose life every day") and the lovely 'First Day In Spring'. Waldram also has the confidence to throw in an instrumental track, the brilliant 'Lowlands'. The Space Between may be downbeat and gentle, but there's plenty here to admire. Lyrically and musically it's an excellent record, written and performed by a talented singer-songwriter who I hope to hear a lot more from in the future."
Nick Parkhouse


released November 2, 2013

All songs written by Simon Waldram except:

Broken Hill - written by Simon Waldram and Joan Davies
Interaction Of Colour - written by Simon Waldram and Mary Beth Lindqvist
The Only Way Out Is Through - written by Joyce Davis and Simon Waldram
Candle Wax - written by Steven Davies

Simon: vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards and drum programming
Matt Constantine: cello (Distances, Broken Hill and Interaction of Colour)
Rachel Barnes: violin (Broken Hill and Interaction of Colour)
Peter Yttergren: drums (Broken Hill)
Mary Beth Lindqvist: additional vocals (Interaction of Colour)
Robert Scott: keyboards (The Only Way Out Is Through and How To Let Go)
Steven Davies: lead guitar (Candle Wax)
Andrew Skelton: keyboards and Rhodes piano (Losing Myself)

Recorded between August 2009 and July 2013
All songs mixed by Simon Waldram except The Only Way Out Is Through and Losing Myself - mixed by Mark Elmore at the Crash Factory, Nottingham

Mastering and additional editing by Simon “Pog” Price

This album is dedicated to the memories of Gwenda Breloer, Martin James Brown and Emma Bellamy


all rights reserved



Simon Waldram Nottinghamshire

Hello! I am a singer-songwriter and sound explorer from Nottinghamshire in the UK. I make lots of solo records and I'm also in an internet band called Cake Sloth and play live with Emzae.

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Track Name: Brushfield Spots
Flecked white in your eyes
Sunsplashed, a theatre surrounded by lights
I watched you dance

I've seen a thousand people stare
In truth, I wouldn't mind if I thought you didn't care
They've lost their chance

I know it gets you down
Trapped in a mind where potential is bound
All of your life

Tangled up by words
But all of your confusion seems dead to the world
When you dance
Track Name: Distances
He's alone in a room in another new town
Work's kept him away for more than two weeks now
He thinks about phoning home, but he knows how it will be
A pause and sigh, a timid reach across the distance

That fills the space between
What he says and what he means
She probably still loves him but still it seems
That something has gone

Too many miles away, across the divide
She prepares herself for another lonely night
She thinks about where he is and who he could be with
Then berates herself for lacking trust because

She knows the space between
Who she was and doesn't want to be
After being hurt before, sometimes it's hard to see
When it's right to trust or when something is wrong

When he gets back home, nothing's been resolved
That's what he tells himself as familiar doubts take hold
He thinks about where he is and where else he could be
Then looks at her and feels he can't give up so easily

They know the space between
What they have and what they could have been
Then suddenly in that moment she sees things differently
She looks him in the eyes and decides it's gone on for too long
Track Name: Broken Hill
A late November starless night
In the middle of Sturt Park
Two figures in the distance
Walk hand in hand through the dark

I turn away and walk on home
Past the Silver City Highway
Where cars drive through the powdered rust
From the storm that came yesterday

Dusty sunsets, deep red dawn
Houses dotted in lines so still
Oh wonderful, haunting Broken Hill

Sitting on the Line of Lode
As coal trucks pass us back
Down there on the road below
With sand in the grips of their tyres

The dust has settled down for now
But it will rise again
And by the creek a flower grows
Rising like the sons of our friends

Dusty sunsets, deep red dawn
Houses dotted in lines so still
Oh wonderful, haunting Broken Hill
Track Name: First Day In Spring
Like the first day in spring
You make everything
Feel alright

And when the evening draws in
The fact that you're here
Makes the world still look bright

Don't let the morning rain
Wash it all away

But like the turning of the tide
Nothing stays the same
and that's just fine

And when you have to leave
I'll know you were here
From the memories you left behind

And then the morning sun
Will bring another day
Track Name: Interaction of Colour
We first met in a park in Autumn
Your blonde hair framed your eyes of grey
The morning sun shone on your shoulders
And I felt myself float away

Caught up in the shades of feeling
That change so easily

The light projects deceiving pictures
And shows us what we cannot see
But within another place and moment
Nothing is the same

In our last meeting by the walkway
Your new black hat couldn't hide
The indecision your eyes showed me
As the rain fell from the evening sky

No longer the shades of feeling
The light fades as the end is nearing
As you turn to me and you say
"I told you it would be this way"
Track Name: Lowlands
Track Name: The Only Way Out Is Through
And by now I'm crying
another emotional overload
Was it the wrenching pain
or the predictions I've been told?

Forever's such a long time
to bode ability
and I can't stop believing
that's it's all I'll ever be

I have to keep remembering
to choose life every day
Not left myself get lost or
offtrack in any way

I have to remember that
when life gets painted blue
and builds up walls around
that the only way out is through

And by now I'm doing
things they never said I'd do
I sing better when I whisper
But I know more than I knew

It should be a crime to tell
a future to someone
Because the odds are against them
Before they have begun

I have to remember that
when life gets painted blue
and builds up walls around
that the only way out is through

The only way out is through
Track Name: Candle Wax
24 hours a day, I don't give anything away
Who am I to do what I say?
Wrote a letter, threw it away
It said I'd like to see you again
I'll leave it to the stars and the moon
I'll leave it for someone else to do

My heart's made of burnt candle wax

Rarely do I take what I know
and use it as some place to go
I'd like to sit right under a tree
Myself and and a book, with the world empty

My heart's made of burnt candle wax

But could it take the essence away
Accepting what we think we can't say
I'd really like to say I love you
But I'll hold back, find something else we can do

My heart's made of burnt candle wax
Track Name: How To Let Go
The dreams I had when I was young
Were like a race I could never run
I'd stay up through the night to see the sun
But I was wasting time

I took a train to a barren town
Got caught up in feeling down
I kept on waiting for a turnaround
But it never arrived

Now I can tell you just what went wrong
I once thought things were working out, but...
It didn't last for long

Now I can tell you just why I'm here
Everything I say and do
Is cloaked in doubt and fear

I had a friend who I pushed away
I was in love, she didn't feel the same
Then she left for good and I remained
On the losing side

The past has given so perspective so...
I understand the things I used to know
Nothing stays the same, but so it goes
I know I still have time

Now I can tell you just what went wrong
I once thought things would never change
That's why I sing these songs

Now I can tell you just why I'm here
Everything I say and do
Is a fight against the fear
Track Name: Losing Myself
Sometimes when I draw I go too far
But I can't erase what I can't remember

I'm losing myself
I'm losing myself

That face looks familiar
But the mirror won't tell me who it is

This is my late December
I have given all I can give
Track Name: You Can Never Go Home Again
I can't help but think of when
Your days had days in front of them
You told me of your plans but then
They crumbled into sand again

And then I knew it was too late
I couldn't save you from your fate
I never saw you fall and break
All I could do was wish and wait

I suppose you never knew
Just how much I thought of you
And as the cracks between us grew
I just didn't know what to do

And then I heard you'd slipped away
Like all those fleeting yesterdays
I wish I could have made you stay
It's much too late now anyway

You can never go home again...
Track Name: Floating Away

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