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Steven X Davies
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Steven X Davies Insolation is a wonderful achievement. To me I feel its reflects the beauty of The Triffids in numbers such as Down at the Beach and En Un Coche. The other worldly. Credit to the variety and work.Barely Even Here ts core the guitar haunting guitar really drips of emotion.3am is a beautiful number. I think the guitar solo is in particular lovely. Ending with the reprise of Nebula somehow works.Well worth the listen and I wish you every success with this album. Favorite track: 3am.
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Nebula 04:23
If you have got some information To spread across the nation and help your people to be free Then use all there is at your disposal But it might be your proposals Are slow to give them what they need When there's no way to win Believe in yourself and don't give in Just fight however you can When you're alone in Berlin Some might think that this is almost worthless and it only causes more stress But that's not what I see The smallest measure of resistance Can travel a great distance and change many thing When there's no way to win Believe in yourself and don't give in Just do whatever you can When you're alone in Berlin
Sitting in the backseat of my parents car It's sometime late at night, I don't know where we are As I look through the window and watch the world go by Those lights through glass and rain look like distant moon And I don't really mind if we don't get home too soon As cars go by my window I can almost see the people sat inside And I look through my window as the world passes by I think I'll go to sleep soon Under a blanket of stars in the sky
I'm stuck on a cloud I can't remember how I got here I think I was standing on a wall But nothing's clear anymore It's like a bad dream that I can't wake up from I think that someone's beside me But I can't see them I'm being held down by something And there's a shadow in the distance I can feel a pain in my head But I don't know if it's real Please wake me up Please wake me up I don't know what's going on Please wake me up Please wake me up I don't know what's going on Please wake me up Please wake me up Please wake me up I don't know where I am Please wake me up Please wake me up Please wake me up I don't know what's going on Please wake me up
Sea Green 02:08
Lyrics by Simon Waldram / John Scunziano My 9-5 life is okay But when I need to wash my cares away I just head down to the beach As the sun drops out of reach Life on the shore it feels just right I walk in the sand in the moonlight The wind and the waves put me at ease Down at the beach I couldn't really ask for me Than to spend my time down at the shore Where my mind is so at ease Yeah, down at the beach Down at the beach
Dandelion 02:09
Insolation 00:54
Resenah 02:59
Resenah, living in the mountains Counting days one by one The sky at night looks so black and empty Now her children have gone What was once a room for the family Now lies dusty and cold And Resenah puts away the pictures Of the man she now can't hold
If the wind is blowing, and I'm unsteady on my feet I'll float away And although I feel nothing I can't remain here anymore I fall down and stare at the floor Look into my eyes and you will see there's really not much left now of me and I come apart so easily Because I run then I fall then I bleed And don't know what I should be There is no real version of me And I'm barely even here you see... I'm not here
En Un Coche (free) 03:53
Lyrics by Simon Waldram & Julia Fernandez lyrics In a car, from the desert to the city I feel like I've been awake for days On the road, from Oaxaca to DF With a prayer to Mary, and a pistol by my side ...on the road... The air is heavy But the city smells like cement ¡Para el carro! I'm at the end... ...of my road... Forgive me Father But you never have been a friend Gasping, gasping... Was how I met my end... ...on the road...
Monochrome 04:50
When I think about you now the images are in monochrome and out of order Only isolated moments remain but without their context what do I do with them? You and I are sitting at the Polar Bear Your hair is resting on your shoulders I see your smile so clearly and I've never felt so close to anyone And then my concentration is broken and you're gone again
Eris 00:16
Inside Out (free) 03:50
3am 02:36
There's barely a sound here. It's 3am Yesterday was a long, long day And no-one can hear me speak I have to go to work in a few hours But for now I'm safe in the night And no-one can hear me sing


Car Glass Window & Stuck on a Cloud are different recordings to the ones that appeared on the 2014 23Seconds compilation 'Haven't We Met Before?' "Inside Out" has a different mix and different guitar / vox to the version that appeared on the 2015 EP of the same name.


released October 1, 2016

All songs written by Simon Waldram, except:

Alone In Berlin (Waldram / Campbell / Coleman / Hughes)
Down at the Beach (Waldram / Scunziano)
En Un Coche (Waldram / Fernandez)
Night Embers (sedate version) (Waldram / Wilmer)

Simon: vocals, guitars, keyboards, drum programming, percussion


David Dhonau: bass on Nebula, En Un Coche, She Thinks You’re an Airport and Lost in the City
Les Hayden: bass on Nebula and Car Glass Window
Kylie Campbell: bass on Alone In Berlin
Frank Coleman: drums on Alone In Berlin
Dan Jircitano: bass on Stuck on a Cloud
Chris Conway: electric piano and tin whistle on Dandelion and Resenah
K: vocals on The Room Overlooking the Park
Julia Fernandez: vocals on En Un Coche
Matt Constantine: cello on Monochrome
Rosey Haze: musical saw on Monochrome
Andrew Skelton: bass on Inside Out
Peter Yttergren: drums on Inside Out
Rich Wilmer: extra guitar on Night Embers (sedate version)

Car sounds on Car Glass Window recorded by Lucia Buffa

All tracks mixed by Simon Waldram, except:
Night Embers (sedate version) - mixed and morphed by Rich Wilmer

Album cover created by Lucia Buffa
Material design by Sarah Hopping; photography by Simon Waldram

Mastered by: phyzi9

With thanks and appreciation to...

Lamonda Brown, Lucia Buffa, Kylie Campbell, Trevor Cobbe, Frank Coleman, Matt Constantine, Chris Conway, Steven Davies, Lisa De’Ville, Linzi Ellen, Emzae, Hiyori HM, Julia Fernandez, Rhiannon Flood, Meagan Bazzano-Griffiths, Dave Hammond, Les Hayden, Rosey Haze, Kevin Hewick, Sarah Hopping, Dan Jirctiano, Tom Kane, Autumn Dawn Leader, Mileena, Steve Oliver, Melanie Page, Anna Purver, Andrew Skelton, Denny Tate, Chris Thornhill, Peter Yttergren, Rich Wilmer, Anda Volley, Stephanie Webb


23Seconds netlabel, Awkwardcore Records, aReW Recordings, the Bluebird Free, the Cannanes, Halaka, Keshco, Pleasure Holiday, the Snot Patties




Simon Waldram Nottinghamshire

I'm not a singer-songwriter. I don't even like singer-songwriters.

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